Couples Baby Shower Invitations

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Are you planning a coed baby shower for the happy couple? Actually, baby shower is mostly women-oriented. As the development of the culture and society, for nowadays, even men have started taking an active part in the celebration. Couples shower are growing in popularity.

You may need couples baby shower invitations for a couples baby shower. Read on and here are some ideas for couple baby shower invitations.


Photos of the couple

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couples baby shower invitations1

There is nothing more beautiful than a photo of the expecting couple. Easily upload your photo and print it with your baby shower invitation wordings. This can be very meaningful for both the couple and the child.


Hand Drawn Pictures

couples baby shower invitation5

couples baby shower invitation3

couples baby shower invitation4

If you do not want to upload the real photo, hand drawn pictures can be uses. There are thousands of hand drawn pictures baby shower invitations on line. You just need to choose your favorite one. The husband and the wife make the invitation sweet, warm and romantic.


Couple baby shower

couples baby shower invitation7

Print "couple baby shower" on your invitations to directly tell the guests it is a couple baby shower party.


Feeding bottles

couples baby shower invitation8

couples baby shower invitation11

couples baby shower invitation

Feeding bottles can be a perfect theme for couple baby shower invitations. You can have one or a pair of feeding bottles. Or, sending your invitation in a bottle or in the shape of bottle will be fantastic!


Family Birds

couples baby shower invitation15

couples baby shower invitation12

couples baby shower invitation13

couples baby shower invitation14

Cute, clean, modern design perfect for a couples baby shower, bird family is a wonderful choice. Have a complete family with daddy, mommy and child, or just daddy and mommy printed can make the invitation extremely cute.

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