Baby Boy Shower Invitations

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Ideas of Baby Shower Invitations for Baby Boys

Cute Blue Baby Pattern Boy Shower Invitation

Generally, invitations with baby boy patterns or pictures tell the recipients directly that there is going to be a baby boy shower. Look at this cute baby boy, and the wordings are printed on the baby's clothes.

It's A Boy Baby Shower Invitation

Tell the world it is a baby boy shower with "it's a boy" printed on your cute boy baby shower invitations.

Cute Animals with Baby Boy Color Scheme Shower Invitations
baby shower wording1

baby shower invitations wording2

We all know that in generally speaking color pink is for baby girls and blue is for baby boys. Why not add some cute animals to the cards, such as teddy bear, Winnie the pooh, rabbits, and etc.


Sports Item Baby Boy Shower Invitation
sports baby shower invitations

Sports theme is an obvious baby shower invitation theme for boys. Invitations can be sent out as baseball baby shower invitations or other sports items.

Boys Like Car Baby Shower Invitations
car invitations

Whatever boys grow up to become, they all obsessed with cars. A car shaped invitation or invitations with cars printed on are all wonderful ideas.

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